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zombie invasion [unblocked games 76]

Certainly! Video game players enjoy playing games about zombie invasions. Players frequently encounter hordes of zombies and difficult survival situations in these games. Several well-known zombie invasion video games are shown here:

One of the most recognizable video game franchises about a zombie invasion is the Resident Evil series, which was developed by Capcom. As players fight their way through different zombie outbreaks and other bio-organic weaponry, it combines horror, survival, and action components.

Series: Left 4 Dead. Created by Valve, Left 4 Dead is a cooperative first-person shooter in which players band together to battle hordes of zombies known as “infected.” To survive the onslaught, teamwork and strategy are essential.
Dead Rising Series: In this Capcom franchise, players assume the character of a protagonist who is trapped in a mall or other setting and must fight against a horde of zombies while using various tools and weapons to stay alive.

The Last of Us Series: Created by Naughty Dog, this post-apocalyptic video game series has an emotive and compelling plot that has players navigating a world overrun by “The Infected,” a zombie-like infection, and aggressive human survivors.

Players are in control of a group of survivors amid a zombie apocalypse in the State of Decay Series video game from Undead Labs. To secure the group’s survival, they must manage resources, establish a base, and take difficult decisions. 7 Days to Die: An original zombie

World War Z: World War Z is a cooperative third-person shooter that sets players against waves of swiftly moving zombies. It is based on the same-named film. Successful teams must coordinate their efforts and take strategic positions.

Intense survival challenges and action-packed zombie slaying are just two of the gameplay experiences that these games provide, making the zombie invasion genre intriguing and well-liked among gamers.